An organic and environmentally aware hairdressing salon in the heart of Torbay on Auckland's North Shore.  Our team consists of  international, experienced, award winning hairdressers.  We created a modern, upmarket space using recycled items thereby contributing to the lightest possible footprint. .   With that same caring attitude, we care about you, the client.


Have you ever thought to yourself:

I wish I had  a hairdresser that would understand what's best for my hair .

Wish no more.. we take the time to truly listen to you, we have the communication skills, understanding and experience to fabulously transform your hair from unruly, course, curly or fine and flat to hair that is easy to manage and suits your busy lifestyle. 

I feel like I have two left hands when it comes to styling my hair.

We will guide you step by step how to..

 I am concerned about contributing to environmental damage through my beauty habits.

As a business in the beauty industry, we hear you and feel exactly the same. We use organic products and thereby aim to  lessen the damage to our environment. Our products are vegan and even the packaging is made from recycled material. We pledge to be as gentle as possible on our environment and by choosing us as your salon, you are contributing to that vision.

I am pregnant or prone to sensitive or allergic scalp and concerned about colouring my hair.  

We use plant base, organic colours and hair products to ensure a very positive salon experience.  Our organic brands are Natulique  , Colorianne Prestige and  Angel .  We commit to giving you the best possible hairdressing experience because we truly listen to you. Every client is unique and we treat you as such by taking time to truly listen to your needs and work together to give you the best possible service.

 NiiA The Hub (meaning Inspirational and Original) was born in October 2016.  We've created a space where  women feel nurtured, encouraged, uplifted,  beautified and  valued -because our greatest power as women is to nurture and encourage each other.